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How to prepare for AMC exam

top 10 books for AMC

Hypersensitivity Reaction Mnemonic

Hypokalemia mnemonic




Bones of the wrist mnemonic



anion gap metabolic acidosis

Acute Pancreatitis causes – mnemonic

Rash after fever

Ethics Patient Autonomy

Ethics Doctor patient relationship right to refuse

Atrial fibrillation causes pneumonic

Arterial Blood Gases ABG Quick Review

Ethics Doctor patient relationship

SLE Diagnostic Criteria

Breast Feed vs Formula Feed

Complications of Myocardial Infarction – Easy Way to Remember

Monteggia Fracture dislocation

Galleazi Fracture dislocation

Causes of Difficult intubation

Causes of Failed Intubation

When to not use Xylocaine wiht Adrenaline

Causes of Avascular Necrosis

Salter Harris Classification – Physeal Injuries in children

Elbow Ossification Centres

Xray signs osteoarthritis

Giant cell tumour – important characteristics

Treatment of osteoporosis

Causes of Arthritis

How to treat a patient with Carpal tunnel syndrome

How to diagnose a patient with Mania

Prophylactic drugs used for Migraine

Spinal Anaesthetic agents

What are the causes of Sacroilitis

What are the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome

How to describe a fracture easily ?

Easy way to remember causes of cough

Wha are the tumours which go to the bone ?

What are the causes of Monoarthritis ?

What is a febrile seizure ?

Blood supply of the femoral head

Hospital emergency codes explained

Major depression – presentation, diagnosis and criteria

Ten key things to stay happy

Things to know when consenting children in hospital

Common causes of GI bleed – mnemonic

Ethics and duty to warn

Rotator cuff muscles – mnemonic

Causes of Coma – How to remember for life – Easy learn Mnemonic

Clinical scenario – Orthopaedics – Cuff tear/impingement/frozen shoulder – Detailed discussion and how to approach such a  case ?

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