Basic things to ask during an antenatal checkup

Very common scenario is when an antenatal patient comes as a part of an exam

This post lists some basic things that should be asked or done for every patient

1. Age – The most important and hence the first question to ask is age as this can effect a lot when it comes to pregnancy

2. Previous pregnancy – Next most improtant is to ask about previous pregnancies and details of previous child births, abortions,casearian sections etc.

3. LMP/ultrasound – you may have guessed by now that the next most important thing is to determine the gestation the patient has come to see you. Ultrasound can be a better determinant of gestation as compared to the last menstrual period.

4. Blood tests and glucose tolerance – Lot of obs and gynae consultants are very aggressive these days regarding blood glucose management in pregnancy. Hence it is imperative to find out the blood glucose tests if done during pregnancy and the results

5. Associated symptoms if any

6. Abdominal exam basic stuff –

a. Fundal height

b. Lie

c. Presentation

7. Portable ultrasound in clinic

The list above is very short however is a quick summary of things to be quickly done in every patient that comes for antenatal checkup

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